Easy Up AFO shoes

Easy Up AFO shoes with rear tilting opening

Handmade in Italy, the EASY UP® collection  is designed for fully independent use by AFO, DAFO and splint users or those with reduced mobility or grip.
Thanks to its tilting rear spoiler, the shoe can be completely opened as though it was an open slipper, thus allowing the foot to slip easily into place.
The EASY UP’s clever BOA® lacing system then closes the spoiler and adjusts the shoe to fit the foot perfectly. This means there are no pressure points on the instep which are commonplace with laces and velcro, whilst the simplicity of the BOA lacing system that means the shoe can be fitted and laced with just one hand.

Easy access for AFO

Special WALKER outsole

Also tailor made

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Boys & Girls models

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Winter ankle boots

Many colours available

Just a click and everything’s easier!

The Easy Up makes very easy to wear shoes when using AFOs and other supports. You just need to pull the dial, open the spoiler, slip the foot in, push the dial and  turn it clockwise to close and adapt the shoe to the foot.

Some Easy Up models have a rear dial, some are lateral. If you’re a wheelchair user or you have a limited autonomy you would probably prefer to use those Easy Up with lateral dial.

The Easy Up can be used even when wearing just one AFO or support. With the Easy Up you will not need to look for odd or custom-made shoes. In most cases, the Easy Up will adapt also to the foot without support: their clever lacing system will fit the shoe like a glove; and, if still you have some room to fill, you will be able to use the two spacers that come with the shoes or, possibly, just add an additional shaped insole (not included).

The lacing system is so resistant that reel and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

The best quality and choice

The Easy Up are made to order for you and just delivered in few weeks. The reason for this is that we want our customers to have the largest choice possible (not just few colours!) and the best quality. Currently the Easy Up are available in 15 models with more than 60 different colour versions: you will be really spoiled for choice! To guarantee the best quality we manufacture the Easy Up in our factory in Italy. Each Easy Up is  handmade using only the best leathers and materials as well as the best artisan methods: double stitchings for a longer lifespan, anti-tear leather treatment for a better resistance, reinforced counterparts for more stability, Vibram® tread on EVA outsoles, etc.

The Easy Up can also be customised: you can choose a plain or perforated lining*, a flat EVA outsole* if you need more stabilisation or a rolling heel* when walking (with our without AFOs). You can even add the FLEXY* option if you need the EVA outsole to be more flexible.

*Learn more on our Options page


  • Just ordered our first 2 pairs of these amazing shoes, can't wait for Friday to get my hands on them, xxx
    Denise Currie
  • My stroke survivor with her amazing Easy Up Twisters they are flipping great. www.daisypritchard.co.uk
    Eileen Ellis Pritchard
  • "We're living in Belgium and our four-year-old son wears already several years the Easy Up shoes because he wears leafsprings. the system is really amazing and helpfull!"
    Els Dewolf
  • Thank you for my daughters Twisters (Easy Up) they are brilliant!! They are so easy to put on over her splints and they don't squash her feet!! My days of searching for shoes big enough to go over splints yet small enough not to look like clowns feet are over, hooray!!! Can't wait for the pink pair to arrive in a few weeks. Xx

    Claire McCormack
  • "Thought you'd like to see a couple of photos of my daughter, Abbie, with her first pair of Easy Up Twisters, can't believe it's taken us so many years to come across these amazing shoes!! Can see they'll be no going back to struggling with pair after pair of various shoes, boots and trainers in all shapes and sizes to fit over her splints, and the fact that she can now get them off and on by herself has thrilled her, she has spent most of the day doing just that!! Thank you so much for supplying them, from a very, very happy Mum"
    Carolyn Garton
  • My daughter is 11 years old and we have searched the world for shoes to fit over her AFOs that we don't have to wrench on and are cute too. We have had two pairs of these and LOVE them!! I am only sad that we did not find them sooner. Can not wait until August 26 when we can order more.

    Jacolyn Dillahunty Lieck
  • We received my son's shoes today! He loves them, and they are by far, the best fitting and most attractive shoe he has worn yet! Thanks for making a shoe that doesn't look so orthopedic for kids! We'll definitely be ordering another pair!
    Cary Sorrells Boggs
  • My little lady absolutely loves her twister (Easy Up) shoes!! I was so worried about ordering a pair of shoes without trying them first, I'm sure lots of people know the struggles of finding something to fit!! No need to worry though! So easy to put on and fit perfectly! Also love that we can get them in girly colours!!

    Lucy Brady
  • I recently bought a pair of Easy Up Twisters for my daughter Daisy and just wanted to say they have changed our life! She has been unable to wear her AFO for over 12 months due to rubbing, a week of Easy Up Twisters and she's wearing it all day in school. She can put her shoes on herself and no more dragging her toe. They are amazing. I will never buy any other shoes.
    Eileen and Daisy
  • I just wanted to let you know we received the easy up shoes last Friday! Blaine was so excited about having a pair of new, cool shoes (most afo shoes are really quite lame) that once we got them on his feet he was stomping the ground! Then at 4 am we heard him stirring in his room... mom went to check on him and he had grabbed the shoes off the floor and had them in hand, under the blankets saying "shoes", "shoes"! Then again at six am after a few hours of sleeping with the new shoes like a teddy bear he was asking to put them on!!! Perfect fit other than the afo's pushing against the sides which they do in all shoes. He loves them and we are so excited to have him happy!!!! thanks so much!
    Jeffrey Sweet