What our customers say about the Easy Up

  • "We're living in Belgium and our four-year-old son wears already several years the Easy Up shoes because he wears leafsprings. the system is really amazing and helpfull!"
    Els Dewolf
  • My stroke survivor with her amazing Easy Up Twisters they are flipping great. www.daisypritchard.co.uk
    Eileen Ellis Pritchard
  • My little lady absolutely loves her twister (Easy Up) shoes!! I was so worried about ordering a pair of shoes without trying them first, I'm sure lots of people know the struggles of finding something to fit!! No need to worry though! So easy to put on and fit perfectly! Also love that we can get them in girly colours!!

    Lucy Brady
  • "Thought you'd like to see a couple of photos of my daughter, Abbie, with her first pair of Easy Up Twisters, can't believe it's taken us so many years to come across these amazing shoes!! Can see they'll be no going back to struggling with pair after pair of various shoes, boots and trainers in all shapes and sizes to fit over her splints, and the fact that she can now get them off and on by herself has thrilled her, she has spent most of the day doing just that!! Thank you so much for supplying them, from a very, very happy Mum"
    Carolyn Garton
  • I just wanted to let you know we received the easy up shoes last Friday! Blaine was so excited about having a pair of new, cool shoes (most afo shoes are really quite lame) that once we got them on his feet he was stomping the ground! Then at 4 am we heard him stirring in his room... mom went to check on him and he had grabbed the shoes off the floor and had them in hand, under the blankets saying "shoes", "shoes"! Then again at six am after a few hours of sleeping with the new shoes like a teddy bear he was asking to put them on!!! Perfect fit other than the afo's pushing against the sides which they do in all shoes. He loves them and we are so excited to have him happy!!!! thanks so much!
    Jeffrey Sweet
  • Just ordered our first 2 pairs of these amazing shoes, can't wait for Friday to get my hands on them, xxx
    Denise Currie