Handmade in Italy, the EASY UP® collection is designed for completely independent use by AFO, DAFO and splint users or those with reduced or lost mobility.
Thanks to its tilting rear spoiler, the shoe can be opened completely as if it were an open slipper, thus allowing the foot to slide easily into place.
The intelligent Boa® Fit System lacing system adopted on EASY UP footwear then closes the spoiler and adjusts the shoe to adapt it perfectly to the foot. This means there are no pressure points on the instep that are common with laces and Velcro, while the simplicity of the lacing system allows the shoe to be put on with just one hand.
EASY UP MED Sport ® footwear Created for all athletes who can insert customized insoles if necessary. They adopt the BOA fit closure system allowing a perfect fusion between shoes and foot, eliminating tension points usually created by laces or Velcro.
Designed to be
used with:
- AFO, DAFO, braces, slats
- Orthopedic insoles
- Toe - Off and other orthoses

Suitable for:
- Cerebral palsy
- Spina bifida
- Emiparesi
- Stroke
- Reduced mobility
Just one click and everything is easier!
Easy Up makes it very easy to wear shoes when using AFO and other supports. You only need to pull the dial, open the spoiler, insert the foot, press the dial and turn it clockwise to close and adapt the shoe to the foot.
Some Easy Up models have a back dial, some are lateral. If you are a wheelchair user or have limited autonomy you would probably prefer to use the Easy Up with a side dial.
The Easy Up can also be used by wearing only one AFO or support. With Easy Up you will not have to look for strange or made-to-measure shoes. In most cases, Easy Up also adapts to the foot without support: their smart lacing system adapts to the shoe like a glove; and, if you still have room to fill, you will be able to use the two spacers that come with your shoes or, if necessary, just add another contoured insole (not included).

The lacing system is so durable that the spool and laces are guaranteed for the whole life of the product.
The best quality and choice
Easy Up are made to order for you and delivered in a few weeks. The reason is that we want our customers to have the widest possible choice (not just a few colors!) And the best quality. Currently the Easy Up are available in 15 models with over 60 different color versions: you'll be spoiled for choice! To guarantee the best quality, we produce Easy Up in our factory in Italy. Each Easy Up is handcrafted using only the finest leathers and materials, as well as the best craftsmanship methods: double stitching for durability, anti-tear leather treatment for better strength, reinforced counterparts for greater stability, Vibram® tread on soles EVA, etc.
The Easy Up can also be customized: you can choose a flat or perforated lining *, a flat EVA * sole if you need more stabilization or a rolling heel * when you walk (with ours without AFO). You can also add the FLEXY * option if you need the EVA sole to be more flexible.
Boys & Girl
Man & Woman
Winter Padding
Many colors
The Easy Up system simplifies life for parents who need to wear and remove their children's shoes by wearing AFO, DAFO, etc. What is a common action such as wearing shoes can be, under certain circumstances (eg children with CP or other neurological diseases), very difficult and stressful. That's why being able to do it easily and only in a short moment, has great value.

The Easy Up system offers adults greater autonomy (especially in cases of hemiplegia, stroke, obesity, etc.). The Easy Up system combined with the simplicity of the BOA lacing system means that the shoe can be assembled and stitched with one hand.

Thanks to its special design, the Easy Up system can change the internal volume by turning the locking knob clockwise or counterclockwise. It means that if you wear a cue on one foot but not on the other, the shoes will fit perfectly on both feet. The same when you have one foot wider than the other.

The Easy Up system closes the spoiler and adjusts the shoe to perfectly fit the foot in a very uniform way. This means that there are no pressure points on the instep that are common with laces and velcro.
Many Easy Up models can be purchased with different options. If available, they will be listed in the drop-down menu ("coating options" and "sole options") of each product page.
Please check the options and read the related description in the form below.
Please also check the "FURTHER INFORMATION" tab below for the model materials and specifications in the e-shop.
If available, this option allows you to choose between:
Smooth Lining
Perforated Lining
If available, this option allows you to choose between
EVA sole
: it is recommended when wearing heavy slats and / or dragging or crawling your feet or working with an orthotist.
RUBBER sole: (available on the FLASH model) is a more standard sole to use with lightweight splints and / or insoles. (Note: with the feet dragging or rubbing, the rubber sole could wear out quickly).
for greater stability for those who do not walk independently and / or with non-dynamic slats.
it is recommended to help those who walk independently with a normal gait (stance and swing phase) and / or with dynamic splint / dafo.
The FLEXY OPTION offers greater flexibility to the eva sole. It is recommended for those who wear dynamic / dafo slats or walk without slats. Available only for eva soles.

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